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Account Management & Inquiry Solutions

Manage accounts and access policy information quickly and easily. 


Business Loss Runs

Business Loss Runs enable agents and brokers to request and receive, in real time, commercial retail loss runs on accounts or individual policies for which they are the agent of record.  Reports are instantly generated in a PDF format that may be printed or saved and provide both a summary and detailed listing.  Get what you need and get it now! Learn more.

Direct Bill Info Center

Agents and brokers can use Commercial Lines Direct Bill to review billing history on in-force policies, including installment plans and late notices, as well as the date payments are received.  Users can check the status of client payments and view and print copies of all bills generated by account or policy number. Learn more.

Policy Details

PolicyView allows agents and brokers to view online the transaction history of nearly all their commercial and specialty insurance policies.  They can view or print copies of any or all of the forms issued for each account and, if they wish, order reprints of the actual policies.  In addition, agents and brokers can view policies in process by special arrangement with the underwriter.  This feature is especially valuable for complex risk management accounts, where collaboration between the underwriter and agent or broker is helpful in crafting the insurance program.

Risk Management Solutions

Loss-History Analyzer tracks insured losses for policies written in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico.  This system is a Windows-based, risk- management information system designed to help Chubb commercial policyholders, agents and brokers keep track of their insured losses.  Monthly database updates are available 24/7 via automatic Internet download.  The system supports boiler & machinery, commercial auto, general liability, inland marine, ocean cargo, package property and workers compensation insurance.

ClaimView is an Internet-based risk-management information system for policyholders and their agents and brokers that provides real-time access to actual claim notes and financial information on specific policies.  Losses from policies written in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico are available in ClaimView for commercial auto, general liability and workers compensation claims.

Learn more about Loss History Analyzer and ClaimView

RMIS Dimensions is designed for companies with a sizable cost of risk (defined as the sum of premium plus losses under the deductible or the insured’s retention) who require direct and timely access to their loss information.  The system allows policyholders and their agents and brokers to review and track deductible reimbursement information and provides agents and customers with real-time access to an unprecedented level of claim and loss information and many reporting query options via the Internet.  In addition, a data conversion service is offered that allows policyholders and their agents and brokers to have historical loss information from their prior carriers, self-insured program or TPA system converted to RMIS Dimensions.

Learn more about RMIS Dimensions