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Chubb's Download*

How Download Works:

Download transmits updated policy and commission data to a mailbox created for you by IVANS (Insurance Value Added Network Services).  Your agency management system is then able to pull that information out of your IVANS mailbox and import the detailed policy and commission information directly into your system.  Downloads are transmitted on a daily basis, unless otherwise noted.

These types of downloads are currently available:

Chubb Commercial PaperFree - NEW!  Chubb's revolutionary electronic policy distribution system transmits electronic agent copies directly into your agency management system.  All transactions that typically generate paper, including new lines, renewals, rewrites, endorsements, audits, cancellations are available via Chubb Commercial PaperFree, and most commercial and executive lines products and policy types are included.

Claim download - Claim download provides your agency with daily updates of claim activities including initial loss notification, payments and most status updates.

Direct bill commission downloads – Available for both commercial and personal lines, this optional component of Download sends commission data to your system on a monthly basis, allowing you to automatically update your accounting information.

Policy download – Available for Masterpiece® except for Yacht and Yacht PreferenceSM policies and most non-Masterpiece policies, this download transmits detailed policy information to your system within 24 hours of when a Chubb policy transaction occurs.  Transactions include new lines, renewals, endorsements, cancellations and reinstatements.

Single Policy Resend - NEW!  Allows you to request a resend of an individual policy download without having to contact us.  This feature is available via TransactNOW carrier transport and by selecting IVANS Single Policy resend from the Insurance Carrier Site Choices.

Initial downloads – You can opt to receive data for all active policies and/or those that are issued but not yet active as of the date of the download, when first setting up Download with Chubb.  Consult with your agency management system vendor to determine if special requirements or one-time fees apply.

Who Can Use Download?***

AgencyPro for Windows


Vertafore for Windows (AfW & AfW Online)


Vertafore Prime and Prime 2000


Vertafore Sagitta and Sagitta Browser


Applied The Agency Manager (TAM)


Applied EPIC Nexsure

Applied Vision



Redshaw Elite

Ebix One

SIS Semci Partner



How To Enroll for Download

Enrollment is an easy, two-step process:

1.  Complete and submit the Download Enrollment Form, which requests basic information about your agency, the type and version of your agency-management system, and your IVANS "Y" account number. If you do not have an IVANS account, we can create one for you.

2.  Use the Management System Checklist to update your agency management system.  This form will walk you through the process of updating your system.

If you have questions or need help enrolling for our Download service for personal lines, send an e-mail to Chubb's Premier Solutions Team at or call them at 866-324-8222, Option 4.  For commercial lines download contact the eBusiness Help Team at or call 1-877-747-5266, option 2

Training and Support

For download training, we ask that you contact your agency management system support team.  They are more familiar with how the download software (not owned by Chubb) interacts with specific agency management systems and versions.

Support for Chubb personal policy download is available on @chubb through Download Central.  This online tool allows you to initiate resend requests, view download history, and report any other problems.

*Our Download service supports all Masterpiece® policies except Yacht and Yacht PreferenceSM policies.
**Direct bill commission downloads are not currently available for all agency management systems listed above.
***Commercial PaperFree is currently available on all Vertafore platforms and Applied TAM.

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