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Claims Service Solutions

Understanding that agents and brokers are in need of immediate, current information in the claims-handling process, we have developed a set of tools that allow you, our agents and brokers, to provide responsive, professional claims service to policyholders throughout the claims process - from first notice of loss to final resolution, or claims payment.  All systems are designed to allow you to respond quickly to your clients’ requests, providing the first-rate service they deserve.

Automatic Claim Updates

Claim Download, now in production Claim Download provides your agency with daily updates of claim activities including initial loss notification, payments and key status updates.  Claim Download is available to all agencies using Applied EPIC or TAM version 9.0 or higher.  Enrollment for Claim Download is now taking place.  To activate your agency for Claim Download, complete the enrollment form.

Claim Activities and Notes enable your agency to receive real-time (every two hours) updates on important claim activities including loss notifications, adjustor assignment and changes, reserve changes and other status information.  Activities & Notes, accessible via TransactNOW©, is now available for all agencies that use Vertafore agency management systems.  To activate your agency for Activities and Notes, complete this enrollment form.

Reporting a Loss

First Notice of Loss Upload through Transformation Station enables you to submit a loss and include PDF, TIF and other attachments directly from your TAM 9.4 or higher while on the phone with your client, and immediately provide them with a claim reference number.  In addition, the claim reference number automatically cedes into your agency-management system for future reference..  You no longer need to call, fax or write the service center with a loss notice and wait for an acknowledgement letter.

 Download the Agency E-Loss Quick Reference Card's Report a Loss  For agents not currently using an Applied agency management system, or for your clients who report claims (such as Workers Compensation claims) directly, we also enable you or your client to submit a loss 24/7 via this Web site.

Claims Inquiry

Agency ClaimView   For all personal and commercial claims reported on or after January 1, 2003, this real-time, claims-inquiry solution allows you to provide your clients with detailed information about their claim status, within 24 hours of an update, including certain adjuster notes.  In order to provide you with the best workflow possible, we have integrated Agency ClaimView with several agency-management system vendors using Transformation Station and TransactNOW, in addition to making it available through our secure Web site, @chubb.  Due to privacy laws and attorney client privilege, certain information such as medical notes, payments, protected and proprietary communications, as well as specialty lines of business, may not be shown. 

Download the Agency ClaimView User Guide

Claims Payment

Agency CheckView   Available to all agents with @chubb access, Agency CheckView allows you to view detailed, claim-check payment information on third-party liability and first-party claims within 24 hours of the claim-check issuance.  Historical information is available from January 1, 2004, and allows you to either view a list of payments or a specific check.  Simplified, custom searches allow you to quickly and easily obtain the information you need to respond to your clients’ questions.  Please note that D&O checks are not accessible through this application.

Download the Agency CheckView User Guide

Locate a vendor

Chubb Preferred Vendor application  This application provides agents and brokers with on-line access to Chubb's network of quality auto repair shops.   It supports Chubb's goal of increasing customer service and allows the agency to respond to their client immediately with repair shop assistance.  Future roll-out plans are in place to extend this functionality to include our Property vendor networks.

For more information on any of our claims-servicing solutions for your agency, please contact your local office or call @chubb support at 1-877-747-5266, Option 2.


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