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Global Business Insurance for Energy Storage & Control

Whether you help utilities, businesses or individuals manage their energy use, your business revolves around creating energy efficiency. 

Emerging technologies create new risks. What unintended consequences could threaten your bottom line?

Get to know Chubb.

For decades, Chubb has been known for insuring technology companies. Our experience can help you identify and avoid costly mistakes:

  • Could your product unintentionally shut down your customer’s system while trying to make it more efficient?
  • Could hackers outsmart your encryption protocols and breach your customer’s data?
  • Could a quality control lapse in your supply chain potentially cause instability in your product?

Chubb has a history of protecting future focused companies as they grow. Executives from cutting-edge innovators throughout the world trust Chubb. We have been there for them. Let us help you. 


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