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Insurance for Dietary Supplement Companies


  • A foreign component supplier is alleged to have sold contaminated ingredients which you incorporate into your supplement. 
  • A fire devastates a suppliers’ plant in India, halting manufacturing at your plant in the U.S. and causing significant delays to get your plant compliant with new regulatory requirements.
  • You are sued for misleading advertisements.
  • You are sued for failure to warn after a heavy user of your dietary supplement suffers cardiac arrest.

These kinds of events reflect the risks facing dietary supplement companies today. They can seem daunting and their effects devastating without quality insurance program. Customarq for Life Sciences offers a myriad of innovative insurance products tailored specifically for dietary supplement companies.

Chubb is a proven leader in insurance programs for dietary supplement companies worldwide. Since 1995 we have had a dedicated team of underwriting, loss control and claim staff focused on your fast paced industry. Over 200 employees spread throughout Chubb’s global branch network serve Life Sciences companies full-time. Through the years we have gained valuable knowledge and experience which manifests itself in our flexibility and responsiveness. Our products and services have earned us the recognition of the Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) as its Business Solutions Partner.

Policy Highlights

  • Extended General Liability insurance eliminates certain “end of policy period” restrictions for injury or damage. For a company like yours where there can be potentially long time frames between when a product is developed, when it caused injury, when you knew about the injury, and when an insurance claim is filed, this provides significantly broader insurance, and peace of mind.
  • Do you have sensitive property subject to spoilage or contamination and, possibly, the risk of a government body condemning undamaged stock after a loss?  Chubb’s expanded “all- risk” insurance responds to change in controlled environments, contamination, and condemnation of undamaged stock.
  • Errors and omissions, intellectual property liability, media liability, privacy liability and privacy remediation expense are addressed via Integrity+ by Chubb, a single, blended policy that helps minimize critical insurance gaps.
  • Customarq Global Extension expands your domestic property and liability insurance worldwide including: Broad, difference in conditions insurance from local contracts and admitted underlying insurance policies in foreign countries where required

Think LEADERSHIP. Think Chubb.

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