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  • Your data center facilitates and supports companies that offer cloud computing, Internet hosting and miscellaneous technology services. The data center was shut down and customers and other third parties sue for financial damages caused by temporary of business operations
  • A cloud burst causes a massive influx of surface water that inundates your network data center, knocking it off-line
  • Your data center’s physical security is breached during an armed robbery and personal and confidential information is lost or stolen. 
  • Your subcontractor severs a customer’s power supply, shutting down an entire multi-tenant campus

With offerings such as cellular communications or Internet access, which makes possible real-time media, or cloud computing, the networking industry has expanded far beyond its roots in voice and data transmission. Adding to the industry’s complexity is the blurring of traditional boundaries, with cable operators offering telephone and internet services over internet protocol and telecommunications carriers providing streaming content through smart phones.

Why Chubb?

  • If a customer suffers a financial injury due to a defect or deficiency in your product, or if they claim you failed to perform services in accordance with an agreement, Chubb’s Integrity+ Errors and Omissions insurance will respond.
  • Chubb’s Customarq Classic property insurance policy responds to broad all risk perils including water damage from inundation, abrupt or accidental mechanical breakdown, surface water and sprinkler leakage.
  • Privacy litigation from data breaches has become a worrisome exposure for network service providers since you often process, transmit or store non-public personal information for customers. Chubb’s Integrity+ blended liability product, combining E&O with Intellectual Property, Media and Privacy Offense insurance provides comprehensive first and third party insurance in the event of a data breach.
  • If a customer suffers property damage or bodily injury stemming from software that fails to perform or if a customer’s premise is damaged by you during the installation or maintenance of  equipment or software, you can look to Chubb’s Customarq General Liability insurance to respond.


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