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  • Your hospital customer is the subject of a HIPAA enforcement action caused by your sub-contractor’s negligent handling of back-up tapes containing protected health information while in transit to remote storage. Your customer seeks to recover, from you,  damages, including all fines, penalties and costs associated with the security breach.
  • Your private cloud services are interrupted when a  critical piece of hardware fails, temporally suspending your customers business operations
  • You are sued in France for trademark infringement after you use a local  company’s trademark in your advertisements on your website.
  • A fire closes a facility at which programming services were being performed.

Organizations increasingly seek a competitive edge and therefore rely on you for a variety of business functions, from facilitating online financial transactions to infrastructure support to remote data storage.  Engaging a skilled consultant, systems integrator or value-added reseller can significantly reduce the costs and operational risks associated with deploying interconnected information and network technologies.

Since service contracts vary in size, scope and geographic location, you must be highly mobile, technologically connected and prepared to respond quickly to a client’s needs.


Why Chubb?

  • If a customer suffers a financial injury due to a defect or deficiency in your product, or if they claim you failed to perform services in accordance with an agreement,  Chubb’s Integrity+ Errors and Omissions insurance will respond.
  • Customarq Global Extension expands your domestic property and liability insurance worldwide. You benefit from a coordinated approach and dependable quality from Chubb’s multinational infrastructure
  • Using the internet to publish white papers and customer testimonials, or to co-brand with business partners, significantly increases your exposure to copyright and trademark infringement lawsuits. Chubb’s Integrity+ Technology Related Injury helps guard against this exposure.
  • Reliance on subcontracted services such as programming creates vulnerabilities should a fire or other peril prevent the contract programmer from delivering as promised. In Chubb’s Customarq Classic, Dependent Business Premises protection is automatically included with a $250,000 worldwide limit; higher limits are available for qualified risks.


Think CONNECTED. Think Chubb

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