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Pollution Liability

Spills. Leaks. Explosions. Pollution incidents are a significant risk that can result in serious harm not only to your operations, but to public health and safety as well as to the environment. Environmental pollution risks are complex and new hazards can emerge unexpectedly.

  • A storage tank for a backup generator leaks and fuel oil contaminates a drainage ditch, an owner’s property and an adjacent site
  • A manufacturing company is sued by neighbors who allege sickness from fumes
  • A Hazmat team is dispatched to an elementary school due to a small mercury spill
  • An industrial processing facility is sued by an environmental group claiming an illegal discharge into streams


Product Highlights

Chubb’s new Pollution Liability insurance policy features flexible language, broad definitions and flexible limits. Because the policy is issued by one of our admitted member insurance companies, you gain the confidence and peace of mind that comes from knowing that we will be there when you need us. The policy includes:

  • A separate limit for pollution claims. With the Pollution Liability insurance policy, a pollution claim will not impair your general liability limit.
  • A broad trigger. The policy responds to events that are gradual in nature as well as those that are sudden.
  • Offsite and onsite pollution liability coverages. Includes separate coverage grants for bodily injury, property damage and clean-up costs that happen on an insured site or off an insured site.
  • Insurance for emergency expense. The policy offers insurance for emergency expenses incurred when responding to an imminent and substantial threat to public health, safety or welfare or to the environment.
  • Supplemental Extended Reporting Provisions (SERP) - An insured can purchase up to one year of additional time to report a claim made after the policy expires. The SERP is available even if the insured chooses to cancel the policy.
  • Comprehensive loss control services. With Chubb, the customer has access to premiere loss control services. This includes expert evaluation and review of critical facilities and spill prevention plans.
  • Insurance for underground storage tanks.


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Pollution Liability Insurance


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