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Claim Management

Chubb’s hallmark claims service has achieved a reputation for handling claims promptly, fairly and empathetically. We start from the premise that early attention to an employee’s injury, management of his or her recuperation and a plan for returning to work benefits everyone.

Chubb offers rapid claims reporting via our CHUBBFirst loss reporting system available 24 hours a day. Our staff members take worker claims over the telephone and help complete the claim notification. Our Internet-based ClaimView tool gives agents, brokers and policyholders an up-to-the-minute picture of each claim. Chubb also provides prompt delivery of disability checks and medical fees, and issues the first disability payment with 14 days of notification whenever possible.

Fraud impacts everyone. Chubb works with customers to recognize workers compensation fraud and takes steps to combat it, including:

  • Automatic reporting of all lost-time workers compensation claims to the Central Index Bureau to check case histories
  • Use of our special investigative unit to look into suspicious claims and report fraud to local and state authorities
  • Promotion of our fraud hotline 1-800-35-CHUBB
  • Educational posters and sessions to explain fraud and its penalties

Litigation and recovery management services help to control costs. Chubb offers:

  • Alternative Dispute Resolution as an avenue to resolution
  • Experienced workers compensation defense specialists
  • Vigorous defense against fraudulent claims
  • Commitment to seek prosecution of suspected fraud
  • Effort to recoup claim costs when a third party may be liable for the loss

Proactive managed care benefits workers and employers. Chubb’s approach includes:

  • Managed care provider networks
  • Early attention to injured employees
  • Shorter disability periods through appropriate medical treatment
  • Payment commensurate with treatment rendered
  • Reduced fee schedules and discounted services
  • Early return-to-work programs
  • Pharmacy programs

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Managed Care Delivers Quality and Savings


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