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When it comes to selecting an insurer that understands their special risks, top law firms concur: 75% of the 750 largest U.S. law firms (by revenue) are insured with Chubb. We offer a tailored suite of insurance solutions -- ranging from management liability to property to multinational insurance coverages--designed to meet a law firm’s unique needs. Clearly, law firms have come to rely on Chubb’s experience and expertise.


Crime Insurance Social Engineering Fraud Coverage for Law Firms
Fraudsters can induce even the best-managed law firms to part with hundreds of thousands of dollars or more by deceptively posing as a trusted vendor, new client or employee. Chubb’s Social Engineering Fraud Endorsement provides law firms with a way to manage this growing risk.

ABA Employers Edge - EPLI for Law Firms 

Endorsed by the American Bar Association, Chubb’s EPLI policy helps provide comprehensive protection for law firms, designed to meet their unique needs and offer superior risk management services.

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ChubbPro Lawyers Professional Liability 

A lawsuit over an actual or perceived error can be costly to defend and result in significant financial loss. We work hand-in-hand with law firms, small and large, to provide comprehensive professional liability insurance, as well as risk management expertise.

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Executive Protection Portfolio Crime Insurance 

Employee theft costs companies an average of 6% of total annual revenues. A trusted employee may carry out a scheme for years, resulting in financial calamity for the company—or worse. Insurance protection from Chubb helps publicly held companies manage their crime losses.

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Customarq for Law Firms 

Chubb sets the precedent for state-of-the-art insurance protection for law firms. Our package policy, Customarq for Law Firms is recognized throughout the legal profession as the product of choice, with tailored features not found in standard insurance products.

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Excess & Umbrella Liability 

In today’s litigious environment, companies need to protect themselves from spiraling legal costs and high liability judgments. Chubb’s Umbrella and Excess liability products provide companies with a proven way to mitigate these risks.

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Management Liability for Professional Firms 

Partners and shareholders who manage professional firms face many of the same liability risks experienced by directors and officers of corporate entities. They require specialized insurance from Chubb for the day-to-day management decisions they make.

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Workers Compensation 

Injuries and deaths among United States workers cost billions of dollars and millions of lost work days a year, cutting into every dollar of pre-tax profit. Chubb Workers Compensation insurance and related services can help manage worker injuries and stay on top of the factors that drive up costs.

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