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Special Coverage Features for Small Businesses

Special Coverage Options for Small Privately Held Companies With Less Than 250 Employees

ForeFront Portfolio 3.0's* nine coverage parts are a comprehensive insurance solution designed to be flexible so they can be tailored to each customer's needs. For instance, customers can choose one, two, or any number of coverages, as well as individual limits for each coverage part, or a combined aggregate limit for their liability coverage parts. ForeFront Portfolio 3.0's flexibility also means that, as the firm grows, its insurance coverage can grow to meet its changing needs.

Furthermore, Chubb offers special coverage features available only to small private companies (those with fewer than 250 employees):

  • Option for separate $1 million defense cost insurance for each coverage selected--Under Forefront Portfolio 3.0 insureds may qualify for a separate, additional limit of liability for defense costs. This option allows small companies to increase their available insurance and help protect against one of their most costly exposures--paying defense costs.
  • Short and simple application form--We understand your business and only ask for essential information. This speeds application approval and premium quoting.

Additional benefits for Purchasing the ForeFront Portfolio 3.0 Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI) Coverage Part.

Insureds may qualify for:

    • Lower retention for ForeFront Portfolio 3.0 Employment Practices Liability Insurance coverage part (as low as $2,000) --The lower deductible reduces out-of-pocket costs should the company face an employment practices lawsuit.
    • No retention on "Side A" ForeFront Portfolio 3.0 Directors and Officers (D&O) Liability Insurance coverage part.

*ForeFront Portfolio 3.0 is available through Chubb-appointed retail agents.


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