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Loss Control Training Center

The Chubb Loss Control Training Center is a complete fire protection facility recognized throughout the industry for its comprehensive approach to the principles of loss prevention. Interactive seminars held at the Center give participants an excellent opportunity to gain experience using the latest apparatus and techniques. Practical exercises give application to loss prevention theories, helping clients implement effective programs within their own facility.

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A glass-walled fire chamber allows participants to see how different sprinkler systems react to fire. In addition to traditional classroom instruction and practical exercises, participants view live demonstrations with opportunity for hands on. Participants may get wet while taking pitot readings and greasy while resetting valves.

The Center is one of few such facilities in the United States, equipped with a state-of-the-art classroom and many protection systems:

  • Enclosed sprinkler activation area
  • 1 wet pipe sprinkler riser
  • 4 dry pipe sprinkler risers
  • 3 interlocked pre-action sprinkler risers
  • Deluge valve sprinkler riser
  • Cycling on/off sprinkler riser
  • Fire detection devices: infrared, ionization, photoelectric, thermal, ultraviolet, air sampling
  • Indoor and outdoor fire hydrants
  • Electric booster fire pump with transfer switch
  • Diesel vertical turbine fire pump
  • Playpipes
  • Fire hoses
  • Back flow preventer
  • Rolling steel fire door
  • 7 standpipe valves

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