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Stakeholder Engagement

Since Chubb’s founding, we have considered engagement with a wide range of global stakeholders—customers, employees, agents and brokers, shareholders, local communities and others—to be among our highest priorities. In a relationship-driven industry such as insurance, we understand the importance of forging longstanding commitments with our stakeholders.

We achieve this through regular communication, by treating our stakeholders with respect, and bringing integrity to every interaction we have with them.

As a result, we have won a variety of prestigious awards and third-party endorsements.  

Our Customers
We create longstanding relationships with many customers by providing broad coverages tailored to their needs and exceptional services.  As a result, we have developed a reputation for being a high-quality provider of insurance that shares its expertise and delivers fair and prompt claim payments.

We regularly interact with our customers through our appraisal and loss control units that help them identify, understand and mitigate risks to their homes, families and businesses. Our goal is to not only be there for our customers should they experience a loss, but also help them prevent that loss in the first place.

To help maintain our relationships with customers, we and our agents and brokers regularly communicate with them through events and conferences, newsletters, our website and other means. We also solicit customer feedback through market research, surveys, and claims satisfaction surveys.

Our Employees
Our people are our most important asset and provide us with a key competitive differentiator. To continue to attract the best and most diverse talent in the insurance industry, we strive to remain an employer of choice. We do so by providing a range of career options, investing in employee growth and training, and maintaining a culture which values diversity, innovation and engagement.

We engage with our employees through regular communications, including in-person and virtual “town meetings” and webcasts with Chubb leadership on our strategy, operating results, and industry trends and issues. Through multiple employee resource groups, our employees are provided with professional developmental and networking opportunities and are able to influence progress on diversity issues at Chubb. We also regularly seek employee feedback on employment practices, development needs, and other issues through engagement surveys, focus groups, and various communications.

Our Agents and Brokers
We appoint the best independent agents and brokers in the business. They hold Chubb to the high standard of providing exceptional products and services to them and our mutual clients.

We work hard to foster and enhance our relationships with our agents and brokers. Our field staff serves our agents and brokers on a daily basis and regularly visits them, and senior executives meet with them during branch visits. Chubb also hosts roundtables to solicit and evaluate feedback from agents and brokers and collaborates with them on developing innovative products and services.

We support the professional development of our producers through a comprehensive agency education program offering several hundred in-person and online continuing education courses, and in collaboration with leading universities and other experts, advanced courses on technical insurance issues, management, leadership, ethics and sales. We also support agents and brokers through our participation in the Independent Insurance Agents and Brokers Association and other organizations.

Our Suppliers
One of Chubb’s diversity initiatives is to “Ensure that Chubb's value proposition extends to a diverse base of suppliers, partners and customers.” Toward that end, the company operates a Diverse Supplier Program, which seeks certified diverse businesses that can provide quality products and services at competitive prices.  A qualified business may join a diverse supplier database through the company’s website.

Chubb also is a member of several organizations that support diverse suppliers, including the National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce, National Minority Supplier Development Council, Inc., Women Presidents' Educational Organization and Financial Services Roundtable for Supplier Diversity.

Government Agencies
Chubb maintains relationships with federal and state regulators, agencies and legislative bodies to share our views on a range of public policy and regulatory issues. We collaborate with industry associations, such as the American Insurance Association and Financial Services Roundtable, to discuss issues important to the industry and our key stakeholders.  Past efforts have included support for legislation promoting tax equity for domestic partners, prohibiting employee discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity and an optional federal charter to enhance regulatory uniformity in the United States.

View our most recent political contributions report. Reports for prior years are also available for review: 2012, 2011.

Local Communities
Chubb supports the needs of local communities by maintaining a long-term presence in them.  We also provide our time, expertise and resources to community-related initiatives and organizations.

Our shareholders benefit from our financial performance, financial strength and corporate governance. Our member companies earn the highest rating for financial strength from A.M. Best, and three of our member companies have done so for more than 75 years. Our commitment to effective corporate governance permeates our entire culture, from the board of directors and our executive management team through our employee ranks.