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2014 Press Releases

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12/17/2014 Chubb Expects to Announce Fourth Quarter Financial Results on January 29 and Hold Conference Call on the Same Day
12/04/2014 Chubb Board Declares Regular Quarterly Dividend
12/02/2014 Attics House Valuables and Potential Hazards Side by Side, According to Chubb Survey
10/28/2014 Chubb Offers Customers Discounts on Collections Management Systems
10/23/2014 Chubb Reports 3rd Quarter 2014 Results
10/16/2014 Chubb Is Named Presenting Sponsor of Winter Antiques Show
09/24/2014 Chubb Helps to Advance Sustainability Through New Products and Risk Management Approach for Biorenewable and Industrial Biotech Firms
09/23/2014 Chubb Expects to Announce Third Quarter Financial Results on October 23 and Hold Conference Call on the Same Day
09/15/2014 Business Travelers Should Prepare for Risks This Fall, Chubb Advises
09/12/2014 Chubb Extends Security Services to Personal Insurance Customers
09/08/2014 Private Drone Use Causing Many to Worry, Chubb Survey Finds
09/04/2014 Chubb Board Declares Regular Quarterly Dividend
08/25/2014 Chubb’s New Crime Insurance Coverage Helps Protect Firms from Impostors
07/24/2014 Chubb Reports 2nd Quarter 2014 Results
06/25/2014 Chubb Expects to Announce Second Quarter Financial Results on July 24 and Hold Conference Call on the Same Day
06/24/2014 Chubb Urges Homeowners in Wildfire Areas to Use Fire-Resistive Construction Materials
06/12/2014 Chubb Board Declares Regular Quarterly Dividend
06/11/2014 Play It Safe When Traveling with Pets This Summer
06/09/2014 Art Collectors Need to Keep Cool as Temperatures Rise
05/19/2014 Colorado Cleantech Industries Association Endorses Chubb’s Insurance Products
05/15/2014 Fine Art Practice at Chubb Taps into Expertise and Resources To Help Clients Address Evolving Risks
05/13/2014 Wharton and Chubb Establish High-Net-Worth Insurance Advisor Certification for Agents
05/12/2014 Korea Biotechnology Organization Endorses Chubb
04/29/2014 As International Business Activity Heats Up, So Do Supply Chain Fears, Chubb Survey Finds
04/24/2014 Chubb Reports 1st Quarter 2014 Results
04/09/2014 Summer Interns May Increase Risk of Lawsuits; Chubb Offers Employers Tips
03/31/2014 Chubb Encourages Homeowners to Prepare Early for Wildfires
03/26/2014 Chubb Expects to Announce First Quarter Financial Results on April 24 and Hold Conference Call on the Same Day
03/17/2014 Chubb Offers Tips to Help Keep Basements Dry This Spring
02/27/2014 Chubb Board Increases Quarterly Dividend by 13.6%, Marking Insurer’s 32nd Consecutive Annual Dividend Increase
02/04/2014 Chubb's Sharing Economy Survey Finds Owners Facing Fears And Renters Seeking Homes They Couldn't Afford to Buy
01/30/2014 Chubb Board Approves New $1.5 Billion Share Repurchase Program
01/30/2014 Chubb Reports 4th Quarter 2013 Results