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Culture of Inclusion Policy

Chubb has had a long standing commitment to Equal Employment Opportunity. It is an enduring and compelling goal and will continue.

Chubb strives to create a Culture of Inclusion. By that, we mean an environment based on the values of diversity, mutual respect, understanding and cooperation, where shared goals, rewards, performance standards and a common vision of the future guide the efforts of every employee.

Valuing diversity and including all of its aspects in our culture will serve our overall corporate objective of increased innovation. We are an organization uniquely dependent on the skill and dedication of our employees who differentiate us in the marketplace and provide us with competitive advantage. That has become even more true as our globalization efforts have taken hold and we grow our markets outside the United States. To ensure that every employee's ideas and energies are evaluated on their merits and are fully utilized, any barriers to their contributions and development at Chubb must be eliminated. Only in creating a culture which truly values the diversity of such employees, can we fully engage their talents and function with distinction in a global marketplace which is becoming ever more diverse.

Chubb believes that advancement and rewards should depend solely on ability, performance and contribution to our corporate goals without regard to race, sex, color, religion, age, national origin, pregnancy, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, genetic information or disability and other perceived differences that do not relate to ability, performance and contribution at work. Ensuring that all aspects of our diversity are included and valued in our culture is the responsibility of every Chubb employee and providing such a culture is Chubb's commitment to our work force.