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Chubb's Diversity Objectives

Chubb's diversity objectives are supported by strategies and tactics that are integrated with every aspect of the organization's activities, from growing our business and increasing shareholder value to maintaining our ability to attract and retain top talent.

1. Ensure a diverse representation of talent throughout the company
Increasing the number of diverse employees in our senior ranks is a top priority that extends to their representation on senior teams responsible for developing and implementing corporate strategies.  With an eye toward the future, we are also committed to recruiting and developing diverse entry-level staff and building multicultural bench strength at all levels. 

2. Ensure that Chubb's value proposition extends to a diverse base of suppliers, partners and customers
Chubb's success at forging productive and enduring relationships with customers, partners and suppliers worldwide is essential to our brand and gives the company a distinct competitive advantage.  We continue to build on that advantage by anticipating and responding to changing demographics and the evolving expectations of an increasingly diverse marketplace. 

3. Embed diversity in learning opportunities at Chubb
Chubb is committed to providing leadership training that helps managers respond effectively to the developmental needs of a multicultural employee population and maximize their engagement.  Across the organization, we also support programs and initiatives that raise awareness among all employees of the value of diverse life experiences and perspectives.

4. Implement management practices that enhance diversity
Diversity is integral to our management practices, including our performance management processes, coaching and mentoring programs, recruiting efforts and succession planning.  Chubb managers are expected to gain the skills needed to lead in an inclusive workplace, and their success at doing so is monitored and measured.

5. Promote sustainable communities through organizational stewardship and employees' time and talents
Chubb's values and core principles have long guided our approach to environmental stewardship, corporate governance and community involvement.  Our employees put these principles into practice in their interaction with customers, agents and brokers, employees, shareholders and the communities in which we operate.  In doing so, they reinforce Chubb's reputation for integrity, empathy and relationships that distinguish us from competitors.