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Directors' & Officers' Liability Insurance
Chubb Specialty Insurance

Your company will find that a Directors' and Officers' Liability policy from Chubb Insurance is affordable and can advance defence costs as they are incurred. It provides some of the broadest coverage available on the "form of choice" of the industry and it is supported by Chubb Insurance's proven expertise in the handling and settling Directors' and Officers' claims.

Insuring Clauses:

  • Directors and Officers Liability Coverage
  • Company Reimbursement Coverage
  • Entity Securities Coverage
  • Legal Representation Expenses Coverage
  • Outside Directorship Liability

Policy coverage features include:

  • World-wide coverage
  • Civil Fines and Pecuniary Penalty cover
  • Occupational Health and Safety, Corporate Manslaughter Cover
  • Pollution Cover
  • Prosecution and Reputation Protection Costs
  • Insured Person's Tax Liability Cover
  • No Prior Knowledge Exclusion
  • Broad definition of Insured Person
  • Advancement of defence costs
  • Final adjudication language
  • Directors/officers retain duty to defend
  • No enforced settlement/senior counsel clause
  • No avoidance or rescission or misrepresentation or non-disclosure